Young Stroke Project June 2022 Newsletter

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This newsletter is about:

  1. New blog
  2. New video
  3. New podcasts
  4. Website test results
  5. Research spotlight
  6. StrokeLine

New blog

There is 1 new blog.

Return to work by Rebecca Schmidt-Lachlan.

Read blog.

Rebecca is creating a video. She will answer questions about return to work.

Send questions to:

Send questions by Wednesday June 29, 2022.

New video

There is 1 new video.

Gaming for rehab by Zach Newton.

Watch video.

New podcasts

New episodes for Paul Burns’ podcast.

There are 3 new episodes:

Website test results

We ran an online test in April.

Feedback will help build the new Young Stroke website.

62 people did the test.

74% survivors of stroke, 8% family, 2% carers and 16% other. 

Results showed:

  • 92% said they would use the website
  • 92% said if they saw this website they would feel comforted that there were others like them
  • 5 out 6 tasks were successful. Meaning information was easy to find.

Thank you to all participants.

The website will be launched in August.

Research spotlight

Researchers from Monash University are seeking people who experienced mood problems after stroke.

Wanting to understand experiences of stroke survivors accessing mental health treatment after stroke.

Find out more.

More research projects.


Do you need advice?
StrokeLine has health professionals.
You can call StrokeLine.

StrokeLine’s number is 1800 787 653.
StrokeLine is open Monday – Friday.
StrokeLine is open 9:00am – 5:00pm (AEST).

You can email
You can go to EnableMe.

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Stroke Foundation Young Stroke Project Team

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Stroke is a medical emergency.
Call 000 if you recognise the signs of stroke.