Young Stroke Project April 2022 Newsletter

(Aphasia friendly version)


This newsletter is about:

  1. New podcasts
  2. Online test
  3. New blog
  4. New videos
  5. Research spotlight
  6. StrokeLine

New podcasts

There are 2 new podcast series.

The podcasts are:

Online test

We have created a new website.
Provides online resources to young stroke community.

Complete an online test to help build website.

Start the test

New blog

There is 1 new blog.

Sex after stroke by Toni Arfaras.

Read blog.

New videos

There are 2 new videos.

The videos are:

Research spotlight

University of Sydney are conducting a research study.

Experiences of sexuality post stroke in LGBTQI+ stroke survivors.

Learn more.


Do you need advice?
StrokeLine has health professionals.
You can call StrokeLine.

StrokeLine’s number is 1800 787 653.
StrokeLine is open Monday – Friday.
StrokeLine is open 9:00am – 5:00pm (AEST).

You can email
You can go to EnableMe.

Best wishes,
Beverly, Saran and Katherine
Stroke Foundation Young Stroke Project Team

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Stroke is a medical emergency.
Call 000 if you recognise the signs of stroke.