Explore information and resources for younger stroke survivors including stroke stories, tips and advice.

Advice you would give yourself

Young stroke survivors share advice they would give themselves in those early days after stroke.

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Toni Arfaras

Toni’s story

Toni speaks openly about her stroke which left her with left side neglect, cognitive changes and sensory overload. While Toni can no longer read books, drive…

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Shannon Nelson

Shannon’s story

Shannon speaks about managing apraxia and aphasia following her “massive stroke”. Her determination to be a survivor sees her continue to achieve milestones in her recovery.

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Emma Beesley

Emma’s story

Emma, a 37 year old Lawyer talks about feeling isolated as a young stroke survivor.

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Carly’s story

Two years on, Carly shares her experience in adjusting to life post stroke, the impact it has had on her family and the little milestones that keep her motivated.

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Charlotte’s story

When Charlotte had her first stroke she had worked three days prior, before even realising that she had a stroke.

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Laine’s story

9 years on, Laine reflects on the perspective and wisdom the stroke has given her. 

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Jodie’s story

Jodie speaks of the inbuilt desire to want to get better, to want to do more. Life may never be the same, but you learn to carry on with what you’ve got.

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Paul’s story

Paul opens up about rebuilding his life post stroke, managing cognitive and short-term memory deficits & adjusting to a change of pace.

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Having a stroke at only 19 years old

Beth Browning talks about joining the Young Stroke Project to make a difference to other stroke survivors and to allow them to connect to people all around Australia.

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The role fashion plays in my stroke recovery

Jenny McAllister, the creator of StyleAbility, talks about the challenges she has faced as a young stroke survivor.

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The biggest challenges I have faced as a young stroke survivor

One of Jenny’s biggest challenges has been people’s lack of understanding and the feeling of invisibility.

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My advice to young stroke survivors

Jenny McAllister talks about the advice she would give to young stroke survivors.

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