Meet Saran – She’s a young stroke survivor who’s joined our team

We are very excited to announce the appointment of Saran Chamberlain to Project Coordinator. Saran brings both a depth of professional and lived experience to the project team. Her role has a focus on engaging people, organisations and networks with the project. A very warm welcome and congratulations to Saran! Saran joins Project Coordinators Beverly Ridley and Simone Russell.

Saran Chamberlain
Saran Chamberlain, Project Coordinator

A little bit about Saran

Saran was busy juggling a career in a successful software company and family life with three children when she had a stroke in 2013. The 38 year old experienced complete paralysis on the left side of her body and still has minimal sensation from her face to her left foot.

With dedication and the support of her family and team of health professionals, Saran has made significant gains in her recovery. She is determined to continue with therapy and explore new avenues for treatment.

Saran is passionate about raising awareness within the general community that stroke is an issue that effects all people regardless of age. She would like to see increased access to research trials and advocate for greater funding for stroke research.

Saran is a member of Stroke Foundation Consumer Council and a StrokeSafe Ambassador. She also runs Young Stroke Support Group in South Australia, YESS SA and speaks at Occupational Therapy workshops for students.

We asked Saran a few questions about joining the project team.

What do you hope to achieve in your role as Project Coordinator?

I hope to make more connections with the community to make this project a full collaboration for Young Stroke. I hope to decrease the feeling of isolation and loneliness by showing Young Stroke Survivors that there are accessible networks, resources and information.

What are you most excited about stepping into the role as someone with lived experience?

I’m so excited to be working within Stroke Foundation.  The (Stroke Foundation’s) Young Stroke Project is a great initiative and helping to provide much needed information and resources for Young Stroke. I’m looking forward to turning the ideas into reality!

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