Our first topic will be Recovery – See how our survey went

Recently we conducted a survey about topics the project should cover first. Over 500 people responded which is an amazing effort. So a big thank you to everyone that took the time to complete the survey!

The results are in …. and the first topic will be Recovery. This will include, but not be limited to, physical activity, cognitive retraining, self-care, self-compassion, mindset and working towards recovery goals.

Q5: What topics should the project cover first?

The survey showed 49% of respondents identified Recovery as the topic to cover first. This was followed in order by Emotions (31%), Relationships (7%), Advocacy (8%) and Vocation (5%).

Some comments about Recovery included:

  • Recovery looks different for everyone.
  • A recovery roadmap would be helpful.
  • More information on the different stages of recovery, including returning to work, is needed.
  • The emotional side needs to be addressed across recovery, as the early focus is often on physical recovery.

Further breakdowns of important topics also identified Recovery (77%) as the top choice. Other topics in order of preference are shown in the following graph.

Q6: What are the top 5 topics you would like the project to cover?

The survey was open for participants who:

  • had a stroke between the ages of 18-65 years
  • are a family member, friend or carer of a younger stroke survivor
  • are a health professional, researcher or service provider 

A total of 546 respondents completed the online survey. The following graph shows a breakdown of respondents.

Of these responses 71% were stroke survivors, 22% were family members, carers or friends and 15% were allied health professionals, medical professionals or health care workers.

** Please note, participants could select more than one option for Question 6 and Question 1

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