We are proud to announce a partnership with Gamarada Universal Indigenous Resources (GUIR)

Stroke Foundation Young Stroke Project is excited to announce our partnership with Gamarada Universal Indigenous Resources (GUIR) to facilitate workshops with young stroke survivors of First Nations Australians. These workshops will focus on the topic of young stroke survivors and their Recovery journey.

About GUIR

In 2019, (GUIR) Managing Director Ken Zulumovski Hon DHSc, received the honorary award of ‘Doctor of Health Sciences’, by The University of Sydney for outstanding contribution to Australian society.

GUIR specialises in program co-design, training, mentoring, cultural supervision and organizational capacity building with the unique GUIR COURAGE Coaching Model. The model combines wisdom traditions, western behavioural science and military leadership and provides a comprehensive and holistic framework to support training, program development and community engagement. GUIR works to promote community cohesion with a focus on marginalised groups who may be at risk of radicalisation.

GUIR has over 2.5 decades of experience across education, employment, justice, health and mental health spaces and provides specialised and tailored services to individuals and organisations across the private, government and community sectors. GUIR’s spheres of influence include: Community engagement across the social & emotional wellbeing and healing fields.

Ken also leads GUIR’s corporate social responsibility project, Gamarada Indigenous Healing and Life Training Pty Ltd, a registered charity with DGR and TE status. The objects of this organisation include responding to the need for culturally safe programs that focus on reducing and preventing: family violence, addiction, suicide and family dislocation, while promoting access to education, justice and health care. In 2010, this work was recognised by the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet with an Excellence Award for Building Leadership in Indigenous Communities. 

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