Exciting news! Young Stroke Project partners with genyus network

We are thrilled to announce that Stroke Foundation Young Stroke Project have partnered with genyus network to conduct a series of Roundtable workshops around our first topic of Recovery.

The genyus Roundtables will be hosted by Caleb Rixon, founder of genyus network and a young stroke survivor.

Caleb Rixon, founder of genyus network
Caleb Rixon, founder of genyus network

The first five genyus Roundtables in September are already fully booked.

What is a genyus Roundtable?

  • genyus Roundtable is an opportunity for people with shared commonalities to connect and discuss research which directly involves their broader peer groups.
  • These bespoke focus groups can discuss questions which are co-designed by (but not guided by) reputable research groups, to enhance the lived experience of the focus group and their peers.
  • genyus Roundtable is hosted by a Peer with Lived Expertise.

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What is genyus network?

genyus network - find inspiration, be inspiration

genyus network is a survivor led, safe place where every person touched by trauma has a voice and can connect with someone who understands.

Stroke Foundation and Young Stroke Project logos
genyus logo

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