Meet the Lived Experience Working Group

We are very excited to announce the Lived Experience Working Group for Stroke Foundation Young Stroke Project.

Toni Arfaras
Charlotte Porter
Adrian O'Malley

Adrian O’Malley, Lived Experience Working Group member and stroke survivor says:

“While my stroke has left me with vision impairment and limited function in my right hand, I was lucky to have a strong support network around meI want to help others that have not had the outcomes or opportunities be able to access the tools they need to live a meaningful life.”

The lived experience and voices of stroke survivors are at the centre of Stroke Foundation Young Stroke project. The establishment of a working group made up of stroke survivors, partners, families and carers is vital in guiding the project and ensuring all voices are heard.

Stroke Foundation Young Stroke Project Lived Experience Working Group is a 12 person advisory group, representing stroke survivors across Australia. The diverse group of younger survivors will guide the project, support engagement with the stroke community and assist in the development of project topics and content.

We want to thank the working group for volunteering their time, invaluable guidance and expertise.

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