Complete this quick online test and help us build the new Young Stroke Project website!


In the last 2 years the Young Stroke Project has worked with the young stroke community through different workshops, surveys and interviews.

Common themes that have come up are:

  • People’s recovery was hindered by a lack of accessible, engaging information.
  • There is a clear need for an online resource for people to connect with peers and access information about stroke, treatment, recovery and services.

In the last few months we have been busily creating a new Young Stroke website that will provide an online resource for the young stroke community to connect with peers and access information.

Why testing?

We want input from the Young Stroke community early so that we can better ensure what we build meets the needs of the people who will use it – you guys!

What we are testing:

  • Is it easy to find information on the website
  • Is the language used clear

About the test

This is an online test and should only take 5-10 minutes to complete.

This is a first-click test which is a method used to measure how easy it is to complete a given task on the website. It measures what you would click on first on the website in order to complete the task.

Please note, at this stage of website testing, the test can only be accessed on a desktop computer or laptop.

We planned to open testing to all platforms (desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile). However we had feedback from people with lived experience that the mobile version of the testing software was too hard to use (we worked with our Lived Experience Working Group to develop this testing).

This test has now closed.