Kylie McGregor

Kylie’s world completely changed when her fit and active 49 year old husband Scott suffered a stroke at home on a quiet Sunday night at the very start of the COVID19 pandemic.  An Ischemic stroke in the left side of Scott’s brain left him without any movement on the right side of his body. 

The anxiety of the early acute days and the bewildering journey through inpatient rehabilitation was so unfamiliar – Kylie and Scott had not known anyone who’d had a stroke at such a young age. Scott came home in a wheelchair and Kylie felt ill-prepared for her new responsibilities as a carer.

Two years on and Scott has regained his ability to walk and continues his rehab journey to improve stubborn physical deficits and neuro-fatigue.  Kylie feels she’s undergone a crash-course in the science of neuroplasticity, the mysteries of the NDIS and the tenacity to advocate for a person with a disability. Most importantly, she’s discovered the importance of mental health support for a carer who is trying to be the all-round cheerleader of a stroke survivor.

Kylie is delighted to be joining the Young Stroke Project. She believes that the silver lining of her family’s stroke journey is the opportunity to champion the needs of carers and help create resources to improve the lives of young people and their families who are touched by stroke.