Charlotte Porter

Charlotte Porter

Charlotte is a proud Wiradjuri woman and mother of four and was working a double shift on the day of her stroke in 2018. Charlotte had a pounding headache, extreme fatigue and then noticed that her arm felt heavy and she could not lift it. She went to her local health clinic who called for an ambulance immediately.

Stroke changed Charlotte’s life in an instant. She went from being a busy working mum who enjoyed exercise to being unable to move from a chair or a bed by herself for 15 weeks. It was confronting and incredibly challenging for Charlotte and her whole family.

Once she left hospital, Charlotte did not know where to turn to advice or support. She and her husband had to work it out on their own. Living in a small rural community where people don’t talk about stroke much also added to the isolation she was feeling.

Charlotte continued to set herself goals in her recovery and even become a power lifter. Charlotte is passionate about Stroke Foundation Young Stroke Project because she wants to ensure other working age people with stroke did not feel alone and confused and are able to navigate the health system effectively.

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Charlotte was also recently interviewed on JOY 94.9 FM radio. Listen to Charlotte share her story as a young stroke survivor living in rural Australia.