Adrian O’Malley

Adrian O'Malley

Adrian O’Malley was on the cusp of an exciting life changing moment when he had a stroke at the age of 34 in 2006. Adrian’s wife was pregnant with their first child, but instead of the usual planning for an impending arrival Adrian was in hospital for nine weeks. He had to learn to walk and talk again. Ten days after Adrian was discharged, his daughter was born.

While Adrian’s recovery was incredibly challenging, he was motivated to get well and get moving for his family. He said his social worker seemed ill equipped to deal with someone in their 30s in a stroke unit who was motivated to achieve the best outcome possible. Adrian is thankful for the strong support network he had around him and believes it would have been a lonely and confusing ride without them.

Adrian has dedicated much time to drawing from his own experience with stroke to advocate for stroke survivors. Adrian served as a member of Stroke Foundation Consumer Council and is excited about his involvement with Stroke Foundation Young Stroke Project. He wants to help other stroke survivors be able to access the information and tools they need to live a meaningful life.